• Who Can Participate?

    Young artists from Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey can participate in the painting contest.

  • Application Deadline

    Applications will be received until 11.06.-22.08.2021 from the link provided at http://tugva.org/ on the TÜGVA website.

  • Evaluation Date

    After the applications are closed, they will be evaluated by the members of the jury between 23.08.2021 and 25.08.2021

  • Announcement Date of Results

    Results will be announced on TÜGVA websites and social media accounts on 26.08.2021

  • Exhibition Date

    The works will be exhibited between 03.09.2021 and 10.09.2021.

  • Awards

    The winners from Turkey will be rewarded with an Balkan Trip

    The winners from abroad will be rewarded with an Istanbul Trip

  • Yunus Emre Verses

    Click for Yunus Emre Verses to be Pictured

  • Project Partners

    TÜGVA, Yunus Emre Institute, University of Fine Arts of the Republic of Albania, North Macedonia Turkish Youth Club, Halime and Hayriye Education and Development Association, All Youth Hand in Hand Association

  • The Conditions of the Competition

    Click here for the conditions of the competition.

  • Application Link

    Application deadline has passed.