Young Diplomat Academy – North Macedonia Waiting for Young Diplomat Candidates.

TGK and TÜGVA are breaking new ground in North Macedonia with the project of Young Diplomat Academy.

The project is only for young people who living in Macedonia and interested in diplomacy.

The Young Diplomat Academy Project is a set of seminars, workshops and lectures for young people who are studying or graduated from a university, who are closely interested in politics, politics, and diplomacy, who aim to specialize in these fields and to have a job in this field in the future.

In the project, it is aimed that experts, professors, academicians, ambassadors, and bureaucrats in the fields share their personal experiences and experiences regarding the situations that may be encountered in business life.

06-13 Mart 2021

North Macedonia Young Diplomat Academy will take place on 06-13 March 2021 in Tetovo.

Friends who attend the Young Diplomat Academy, which hosts events such as seminars, lectures, conferences, sports activities, and book readings, will both receive a certificate and have the opportunity to do internships in Turkey.

At the end of the program, the first 3 winners will be offered internship opportunities in Turkey as a reward.