Young people in Turkey experience various difficulties in learning and practicing a foreign language. Young people have difficulty in expressing their desire and excitement to learn a foreign language, and they cannot participate in adequate activities about foreign language learning in social life, especially in schools. The most important reason for this is undoubtedly the problems experienced in teaching and learning foreign languages. Our young people are exposed to intensive grammar training, but they do not have the opportunity to think and express themselves in a foreign language, especially speaking and listening skills. In this context, there is a need for the young people of our country and international students who are eager to learn foreign languages ​​to come together on the online platform and practice their English and Arabic languages. It is a program that brings together international students and local university students in Istanbul, especially students who are interested in getting to know different cultures and civilizations, are eager to transcend the horizons of the age, adopt world peace, and aim to gain self-confidence in communication and social relations with people. In the project, local and international students in Turkey will be contacted via the zoom application, accompanied by a moderator, and an application area will be created that will support their knowledge of social, cultural, etc. subjects and foreign language learning.

  • Program Content

    • With our project; We want to bring together local and international university students in Istanbul, to enable university students to get to know people from different cultures and to improve their foreign languages, to help students improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing practices in a foreign language through various activities within the program, contrary to the “clash of civilizations” idea that affects the whole world, we want to bringing together the youth of different civilizations to raise awareness for world peace, to provide international students in Istanbul with the opportunity to meet and negotiate with local students, to prepare and deliver presentations for students, we want to gain self-confidence in matters such as public speaking and improve students’ civil society awareness and organizational ability. We want to enable students, who are the possible managers and scientists of the future, to meet with different ideas and develop themselves on issues such as universal morality, international reconciliation, cultural interaction, and social awareness. The target group of our project is people between the ages of 19-24 who are willing to increase their personal development and interpersonal communication skills.

  • Program Schedule

    1. Week 1: MeetWeek 2: Explaining the cultures and histories of different countriesWeek 3: Explaining the cultures and histories of different countriesWeek 4: Literary Text Voiceover

      Week 5: Literary Text Voiceover

      Week 6: Literary Text Voiceover

      Week 7: Debate

      Week 8: Debate

      Week 9: Debate

      Week 10: Determining the Subject of the Report

      Week 11: Report Writing

      Week 12: End of Report Writing and General Evaluation

  • Participation Conditions

    All university students between the ages of 19-24 who have Arabic and English language proficiency can apply.

  • Application Link

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