• Who Can Participate?

    • North Macedonian youth between the ages of 20-30 who are managers in business life and plan to become managers can apply. The project is only for young people living in North Macedonia.

  • Target Group

    Young executive candidates, team leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals in the talent pool, young people who want to improve their leadership skills by gaining knowledge and experience.

  • Program Contributions

    Decision-making ability; communication skills in business life; to be more assertive in future plans; to have knowledge about the concept and theories of leadership by combining theory with practice through real examples from the business world; the horizons of the participants will be broadened with the sessions in which senior executives from business life will be guests.

  • Program Schedule and Location

    • North Macedonia Young Executive School will be held in Tetovo, North Macedonia on 5-6-7 November 2021

  • Opportunities Offered to Participants

    The opportunity to meet with the most distinguished, nationally and internationally known managers in the management life and benefit from their experiences.

    A ‘Young Executive School Certificate’ will be given to those who participate in the project.

  • Application Link

    Application deadline has passed.

Just as SpinAUD gives everyone a chance to win, we at TÜGVA are committed to providing educational and personal growth opportunities for young people. We believe that learning and skill development is the real-life spinning of the wheel of fortune that leads to great achievements.