• Within the scope of Erasmus+ projects, with our project numbered 2020-3-TR01-KA105-097035 and supported by the European Union called “Let’s Discover Our Riches Together”, we bring together the young people of Rome, Jerusalem and Istanbul, which have hosted ancient civilizations, and enable them to discover their historical and cultural riches.Together with the activities that will last for five days in each country, we offer a multicultural environment for Italian, Turkish and Palestinian youth to spend time with each other.At the end of the program, participants will be awarded a YouthPass certificate.
  • Who Can Participate?

    Anyone between the ages of 18-30 and with intermediate level of English can participate in the program. 36 people from Turkey, 6 people from Italy and Palestine will attend the program. Travel, accommodation, food and visa expenses will be covered throughout the project.

    Since English will be the common language in the activities to be carried out throughout the project, each participant must have at least an intermediate level of English.

    Those who have a foreign language proficiency certificate for English should send their documents to us. An interview will be held by us for those who do not have any documents.

  • Program Content

    Our program will take place in Rome, Jerusalem and Istanbul.

    The program in each country will last five days.

    Day One: Arrival

    Second Day: A general informative seminar about the history and culture of the country will be held by an expert in the field.

    Third Day: An enjoyable workshop will be held with the participants. In the workshop programs, activities will be organized where young people living in Rome, Jerusalem and Istanbul can share their own culture, values and history with other participants. Thus, the young people of all three ancient cities will strengthen their communication and solidarity with each other and form the basis for collaborating in different projects or careers in the future.

    Fourth Day: A one-day city tour will be organized in the current city.

    Day Five: Return

  • Program Schedule

    17.05.2021 – 21.05.2021 – Rome Program

    31.05.2021 – 4.06.2021 – Jerusalem Program

    14.06.2021 – 18.06.2021- Istanbul Program

  • Program Location

    Our project will take place in Italy, Palestine and Turkey.

  • Application Link

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